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to show that you won't stand for a hidden plan to build an incinerator in Metro Vancouver.

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What is Metro Vancouver's Plan:

  1. Licensing - Require waste management companies to get a license to operate in Mertro Vancouver. This will allow them to get information about how much garbage they collect. (Licensing Bylaw)
  2. Waste Levy - Impose a new waste levy on all garbage disposed of in Metro Vancouver, REGARDLESS of where it is taken for final disposal. This will allow them to raise fees and leave you no choice but to pay. (Waste Generator Fee Bylaw)
  3. Increase the levy to fund an incinerator - They won't admit this in meetings. But they forgot that people listen to the radio. Once they have passed the new bylaws, they will have all the power they need to burn your garbage.
Stay tuned... There will be more information in the coming days about Metro Vancouver's plans for burning garbage.

See The Results Of Our Campaign

Metro Vancouver councillor response

Here is a response from a Metro Vancouver councillor regarding our original campaign against the incinerator. You can see that there is still an effort being made to keep their intentions hidden.

See their response

Cement Association of Canada response

Here is the Cement Association of Canada’s response to Metro Vancouver, outlining the issues that the Generator Levy will cause for cement companies that burn garbage to make their cement.

See their response

Lehigh response

Here is Lehigh’s response to Metro Vancouver, outlining how the Generator Levy will hinder their ability to use energy from burning waste in order to make cement.

See their response

Lafarge response

Here is Lafarge’s response to Metro Vancouver, outlining the same issues as Lehigh, regarding using waste energy for making cement.

See their response

Abbotsford City Council response

Here is the Abbotsford City Council’s letter to Metro Vancouver, stating their concern that the Generator Levy would pave the way for a Metro Vancouver incinerator.

See their response

See The Zero Waste Committee Work Plan